Long Term Relationships: What You Didn't know

This might be a long one, somewhat informative but also quite a funny post. So get some snacks and your favourite drink, and settle in. Today, I'm talking about long term relationships, and the things people don't tell you.

Living with your significant other is both fun and stressful. There are days where you're so grateful to have someone to go home to and moan about your day at work while you lay on their chest and they play with your hair. Other days, you could find anything to be annoyed at them by- super easy. Its completely normal! Remember how annoyed you'd get with your parents when you lived at home? Who knew you'd move in with someone who'd also get annoyed by your reluctant washing up, piles or clutter and clothes thrown all over the floor?

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Styles of 'tidying': 
When I was a kid, my mum would put all the food shopping away, the clean clothes and tidy the house. We would attempt to help but she would always be the main gal for the job. Why? Because she 'knew where to put everything'. Couldn't find your Game Boy? ask Mum. Can't find your other shoe? ask Mum. Can't find your leavers t-shirt from infant school back in 2009? Mum knows. Well, it has become the same in my house. I find myself doing the majority of tidying, putting clothes away and sorting through the food shopping, because I know where things go. Don't get me wrong, Ben is great and will always offer - but nothing annoys me more than not being able to find something. He will often tidy up on a Saturday, while I'm at work. I'll come home and my things have been moved, but not put back where they go - just re-arranged. I can't get mad but I quickly lose my cool when things are put back in a different place. Surely he should know my makeup palette goes in the fourth draw of my unit in my office, while the makeup bag goes on top of the printer and the face cream goes by the mirror - right ? Ha.
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Meal Planning: 
When did this become a thing? When did we have to make sure we plan our meals so we buy enough food for the week and don't waste anything?  Did our parents meal plan? Its an untold treasure to adulthood. I can spend 2-3 hours once a week planning breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a week and then doing an online food shop - BORING. The fact that we have to cook is enough to make me want to live off of Deliveroo, but life doesn't work that way! Sigh. We share the cooking; I make breakfast and lunch, he makes Dinner (and does a large portion of the washing up). Still, the thought of cooking anything is so mind numbingly boring, I can't even bare to write about it anymore.
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Lifestyle Changes: 
We both had very different lives before we met. When you have your own personal space, you pretty much have free reign to do whatever you want: you can stay up late, leave your dirty clothes on the floor, or watch as many Netflix documentaries you like without judgement. But once you live with your partner, both of you will have to make some minor (and maybe even some major) lifestyle adjustments. Compromise and utilising alone time is best! He has about an hour between getting home and me getting home, which he uses for game time. This often spills over until Dinner time around 7.30pm. Then, its my turn for tele where we will watch YouTube, Netflix or some murder documentary. This is the normal routine! Its more compromise on his part, but he also gets the tele most weekends for gaming, of which I moan little about.
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You Become One:
Whether you like it or not, you become the same person. Your jokes are similar, you finish each others sentences, you like the same food and like to watch the same tele together. Its inevitable. There's nothing wrong with that either! You spend so much time with that one person, their habits rub off onto you and vise versa. If it works, its quite enjoyable - me and Ben find each other quite funny, and there's honestly nothing better than hearing your partner laugh at a joke you said, or find you funny and charming, even after fix years. Yes, it can get quite annoying when they say the thing you were about to say, or when they start saying phrases that you have etc, but its a small price to pay!
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Your bodily smells are no longer off topic: 
After a certain period of time, farts and burps just become amusing. I still laugh at a lot of Ben's fart - they're funny! Throughout the course of your relationship, the importance of hiding your farts and excusing your burps have slowly dwindled down because you both are more comfortable with each other. It is just another step deeper into a long-term relationship and this step is inevitable, so don’t try to stop it.
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You both think it is necessary to narrate your pets life: 
There is something particularly amusing to the two of you for your animal to have a voice. On more than one occasion, either you or your other half has put words to their actions because it’s funny. They can’t talk, so we must talk for them. There's nothing more amusing that narrating your pets life, and going about - we have four male rats, and they each have their own voices and catchphrases!
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You use each other as an excuse to skip out on plans: 
You both just want to have a night in to binge Netflix with some crisps and a beer. This is usually when one of you pretends to be the bad guy and has to act like you don’t want to go so the other person looks like they are legitimately trying to make the plans. In another occasion if both of you want to look like the good guy, one of you plays sick. In reality though, you are both terrible people and have accepted this because you rather watch Netflix in your pj's than pretend to be a good, sociable person anyways.
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  1. OMG! I love this post! There is so much truth to this! The biggest challenge I found was definitely the cooking side of things! Especially when one partner knows how to cook and the other doesn't!


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