Sun, Sand & Seaside Polaroids

I've just returned from a lovely week away in Lincolnshire. My family have a traditional holiday resort that we've been going to on and off my whole life; a small town called Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. Its one of those small seaside town that only stocks fridge magnets, tea towels and sticks of rock, with the occasional (and by that I mean every other) ice cream and chip shop stand. I go there for the beach; the golden sand that stretches for miles. It's truly beautiful.

 A town relatively close by was Ingoldmells, Skegness. This is more of the fun, adventure side of Lincolnshire. You come here for the rides, such as The Odyssey, The Volcano and The Millennium - all gathering crowds of excited teens and adults fuelled only by the screams of fellow thrill seekers. You also come here for the markets; a maze of stalls all individually selling some kind of weird and wonderful item - although this year it seemed to be more of a tracksuit and toy market. Either way, its an experience - if anything, go along for the Nutella Doughnuts!

Some of the sights were more unique and were a new discovery for me. I found so many hidden shrines and memory gardens for family members who have passed, including this one. What drew me to taking the photograph was the quirkiness of having flowers in a toilet, with a mirror just above.
 It looked almost normal, yet it was just off of the beach! Little treasures such as this were scattered throughout the small town of Mablethorpe, and finding 

them was amazing.

Another cute aspect of this seaside town, was the beach huts that were lined along the seafront. All numbered and decorated in creative ways, it brightened up even the dullest days. Some were owned by people, others were available to rent - perfect for parties! Each hut has the perfect view of both the sea and the sand.

My favourite place to go whenever i'm in Mablethorpe - the Seal Sanctuary. Of course, it isn't just full of seals (in fact, when we went I only saw 4-5), but instead there are an array of animals from birds, to terrapins, goats to monkeys. Pictured here is one of the goats, which actually came and posed for the camera! I even caught a snap of the Meerkats sunbathing, which was hilarious to see.

 Its an educational trip for all ages, and a fond memory I treasure from childhood. The Seal Sanctuary does amazing work for injured animals within the Lincolnshire area - they don't just cater to seals, although that is how they started.

Photographing Ben is always a favourite of mine. Obviously, I like his face, but apart from that I find that his features always come out nice on film. During our time away we went for a few long walks, had a couple of drinks at the seafront bar, ate chips on the beach, had Nutella Doughnuts way more than we should have, and had copious ice creams! 

Living together, you'd think you see more of each other. In fact, I believe its the opposite. Right now as I write this post, he is in bed poorly. Most evenings after work I am too tired to socialise and will fall asleep on his shoulder by 9pm. He likes to play Xbox, whilst I like to watch YouTube. 
Getting away from everything, including work and devices was heavenly. We could actually be together and it was bliss.

Camera used for all photos: Fujifilm Instax Mini 25
Colour Film: FujiFilm Instax Mini Film
Black & White Film: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Monochrome

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