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In the past, I have been the worst at organisation. I am more of a think about doing it person, as apposed to someone who actually goes and does it. A procrastinator. LAZY. However, in the recent weeks of revamping my blog and trying to plan and prioritise life, I have found that organising is my saviour! I now have a bullet journal for weekly post schedules (all coming soon, don't worry!), as well as reminders on my phone! I'm a new woman! Anyway, these are some simple tips that I swear by..even for lazy peeps like myself.

I have a terrible memory, and rely on my notepad to keep track of what I'm doing every day. I will write out everything that needs doing that day, in priority order. If its not written down, I can guarantee that I will forget it. Make it more enjoyable by getting a notebook you've had your eye on for ages, or be creative and turn it into more of a bullet journal!

Look through your posts and see which ones perform best, and get an idea on what days you can upload for maximum exposure. I always have a list of blogpost ideas ready to write, and as the ideas comes to me to build a really good post, I then work through them. I have four in my drafts right now, but I saw this post and thought i'd enjoy writing about organising today, so I picked that! I like the plan posts out  in steps, with pictures to go along if I can.

I have a laptop, phone and several computers in my house. The best way for me to keep track of everything is using my Google Keep and Google Calendar. It syncs over every platform, so I can easily see all my lists and to do's for that day. I can also share my lists with people, which is a massive time saver!

Doing work isn't always fun, and I love to procrastinate. So I have to make what I'm doing enjoyable in order to continue working. It sounds stupid I know, but its the way my mind works best. At work, I reward myself with some phone time after I've completed several tasks, or when I've done something incredibly stressful, I reward myself with a drink or a coffee. Something to keep me going. Right now, I'm watch Orange is the new Black whilst writing this, and every time I complete a segment of this post, I sit and watch a bit. Also make it fun by using colourful pens, being more creative with lists and in general just enjoying the whole process.

As I said before, I love a good list. I work best when I have something to tick off when it's completed. There are so many fun ways to enjoy writing lists; buying those cool to do booklets from Paper chase, creating a bullet journal, using a white board! List making can relieve stress as well. Out of the head and onto the paper makes you feel so much more productive and in control of your work.
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