The Perfect Nudes

Before you start asking - NO! I do not mean the images that are passed around tinder like the newest 'on trend' STD! I mean lipstick, of course.
I never used to be a lipstick person. I always felt my lips were too small, my teeth too big and my face too round to pull of lipstick. Not only that, but when lippie first came into my life, it was merely pinks and reds. Not for me! 
That was, until the Perfect Nudes came out!  I'm not sure what came out first, but I remember being obsessed with MAC Velvet Teddy. So, when I got it, it was used all the time - and still is now!
However, as the nude lipstick trend began to develop, the Liquid Lipstick made it's appearance.

That was when my obsession began. I do need to confess, I have a LOT of liquid lipsticks. I mean, I have a lot of lipsticks too, but either way - it's an addiction!

My favourites recently have been these three. They're all super easy to apply, aren't too drying and are all long lasting.
I must state - this is a dupe. I bought this on eBay, when a private listed put it on as a 10% genuine product, for just £6 Brand new. I was of course, dubious. So, even if it is real, I'm not believing it. Either way, the consistency is perfect. It glides on easily, dries fast and stays on for hours. I could wear this to work, and not have to top it up at all during the day!

I was hesitant when I first purchased this. I was in Boots, browsing through the lipsticks (its becoming a obsession, seriously!). I noticed that Barry M had a new liquid lipstick! I had to try it! However, I was quickly put off when I opened the lid and half of the contents of the tube dripped onto the floor... I put it back and left, although I did still swatch it. I had a little think, and realised it was probably super runny because of the store conditions. Its always so warm in Boots, and the lipsticks are always under small lights! So, on a whim, I bought it - and I LOVE IT! The colour is opaque with just one coat, it has a lovely chocolatey smell, the colour is perfect for work and its long lasting!

This liquid lipstick is by far the cheapest one I had come across, at just £2.30! I found it in Wilko's, a store in the UK that sells...well, a bit of everything! In the last year or so they started stocking 'Essence' products. I'd never heard of them before. When I saw this matte liquid lipstick, I knew I had to try it! It has a doe foot applicator - different to other lipsticks like this. It's super soft and creamy, and is easy to layer to create either a subtle colour or a completely opaque lip. It's great for everyday use or to mix with a standard lipstick to create the perfect 'in between' colour!

I've popped a swatch of each shade below! In comparison, I think the Barry M Matte Me Up lipstick is my favourite. I love all of these shade so much and use them all for work, all the time.  What's you're favourite shade?

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