Sugar Baby Vita+Skin Lip Balm & Lip Scrub

I remember being in Superdrug, waiting in the queue to buy my usual Dr Pepper Zero and Kinder Bueno. It was my turn to pay, and as I placed my items down on the counter, I noticed this brightly coloured box with a reduced label on it. I took a closer look, and noticed it was a 2-in-1 lip scrub and lip balm. I had never heard of the brand/company 'Sugar Baby Vita+Skin' before. What sold it to me? The reduced label said 49p! I had been struggling with super dry, cracking lips for ages regardless of weather, so I thought it was worth at least a try!

Of course, the packaging is super cute! But aside from that, it's a cute duo set. The tubes are both labelled straight forward enough for you to know that the scrub is step one, and the balm is step two.
The formula is Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter combined to condition, repair and protect dry, fragile lips - adding softness and shine. The beauty of it, is that it instantly makes lips feel nourished and smooth with a concentrated dose of high performance ingredients including Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E.

This is before step one. My lips, after a general clean. Annoyingly, my lips were in a good condition when I actually took these pictures. However, I have been using this duo set for about a week, so the fact that my lips look so much better than before, doesn't surprise me!

STEP ONE: Squeeze a pea sized ball out of the tube, and apply to bottom lip, spreading evenly. Apply the same to the top lip. Rub lips together to exfoliate. Leave for as long as you like. To remove, get either a cotton pad or face cloth, and rub gently to remove any excess dead skin. Clean thoroughly.

STEP TWO: Just like before, apply a pea sized amount on each lip. Rub lips together just as before, and leave to sink in.

Once the product has sunken into your lips, you will feel an instant difference. Your lips stay soft and nourished for hours afterwards. I always use this duo kit before a big day out, where lipstick will be on all day. It prevents drying lips and keeps them looking smooth and sleek all day, with or without lipstick! Unfortunately, they're now no longer available in Superdrug, but I found a link on eBay of people selling them, here.
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