New Look Fawn Purple Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

Who doesn't like a matte lip, seriously? I for one, have become fully obsessed with the whole liquid lipstick 'franchise'. So, when I saw these Super Matte Liquid Lipstick's in New Look around Christmas time, I knew I had to get one! I ventured to my local NL store, to find that the shade I wanted, Fawn, was in stock! And so, I purchased it.

Now for the pros and cons. I'll start with the negatives, as there are a couple of little issues. The first problem I encountered with this particular lipstick, was that the wand was broken. I opened the packaging of the lipstick when I got it home, to find the wand must have been bent during manufacture. I was super disappointed! Due to the wand being bent, I really struggled to apply the lipstick using it.

 I mean, it wasn't the end of the world - I could still use it! I just had to use extra equipment, when I was expecting to just use what's provided! 
Fortunately, I contacted NL via Twitter, who were incredibly helpful. They offered me money off of another one, as well as free next day delivery, so I was really happy

Positives. This formula is amazing, to put it simply. The consistency is really good, not being too thick or too thin. The pictures below show what one full application looks like. This is simply one layer, neatened up using the wand provided! I love the colour, named Fawn. My lips are currently in a terrible condition, so please don't judge the 'look' by the state of my lips. It isn't super drying, and when you take it all off, your lips are still nice and soft (well, mine aren't as you can see - thank you continuous flu!). It stays on your lips all day. I've worn this to work so many times and never need to reapply, even after copious amounts of coffee!

Overall, would I recommend this? Yes.
It's super affordable at just £5.99 each. Its really easy to apply and stays on all day. Its not super drying, and leaves your lips with a lovely matte finish. You can purchase this shade as well as many others here. These liquid lipsticks are also available in a lacquer, glaze and volumising.

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