Being Vegan

Get yourself a cup of tea, a blanket and a few biccies...because this will be a long one.

Yep. Another one of us has surfaced; and although it seems like such a mainstream, hipster thing to be Vegan nowadays - it's something I've actually thought about for a long time. I was Vegetarian for about six months back in 2016, however due to bad eating habits and using the lifestyle change as more of an excuse, I ended up gaining a whopping two stone in the process. I went back to being a meat eater after that, but the weight has never come off.

I know some of you will instantly stop reading this, thinking "oh here's another one coming out of the woodwork, wanting to save the planet and rant about how good those Greggs sausage rolls are". Well, i'm not here to rant or preach. I'm taking each day as a new experience to try foods and learn a little bit more about why we don't need to eat meat or rely on animals for our daily living. There's a lot of discussion about Veganism at the moment, due to Veganuary, which is a charity helping to inspire people to try Veganism and learn more about why we choose to take this path.

I have been Vegan now since 1st December 2018, so I am still very new to the game. Of course, some of my food choices are go to 'accidently vegan' foods, such as Oreos and Instant Noodle; but for the most of it, I have learnt to spend the time researching good, hearty recipes full of protein from beans, pulses and vegetables. Weight wise, I may have lose about 3-4lbs, but I haven't been able to weigh myself to know. Health wise, my skin has cleared up a lot thanks to not eating excessive amounts of chocolate. I've also not been bloated since -which is crazy in itself!

So, why am I Vegan?
Well here come's the ranty bit. I haven't watched any videos about how they really milk cows to get us our milk, or how chicken nuggets are made. I've become very self aware of how we as humans rely on animals for our own selfish needs, and after doing a lot of research, I discovered some nasty and brutal truths to the meat industry - I knew I had to change.

Animals are beings, just like us. They feel emotions, they can suffer, and their lives matter to them.  People are animals, too, so its not a  surprise that, like us, other animals can experience pleasure and joy, despair and fear. And like us, animals want to eat, live and raise their young without being harmed. But the mass production of animals harms them in more ways than we often acknowledge. There is, of course, the physical pain, of teeth and tails being clipped, horns burned off and ear tags puncturing flesh, but there is also the overwhelming suffering of life spent in a cage, or standing on broken bones, or having milk taken through infected teats. And all this is routine on British farms; The dairy cow who grieves for her young, as calf by calf they are taken from her so that their milk can be sold for human consumption. Milk that is produced solely for her young - not for human consumption. The hen who is not permitted to keep her eggs, let alone hatch out her chicks, and can only watch as they roll away. The ewe and her lamb bleating for one another, long after the young sheep has been sent away for fattening.

Wait, there's a little more...

Being vegan is the best way we can protect our planet. Going vegan is the ‘single biggest way’ we can reduce our environmental impact, according Oxford University researchers. This is because eating a plant-based diet can cut our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution and water usage, prevent deforestation and save wild animals from extinction. A huge percentage of the animals we eat are only here because we have mass produced them so. A cow and a pig, in large stock ready to be made into food for us, rather than allowing them to roam free.

That's as much as i'll go into it. If you're interested in making the change, do some research and just start! I've never felt better since becoming Vegan, and it has been so easy! Of course, I also acknowledge people are meat eaters - my boyfriend is still a meat eater for his lunches. I won't change his mind and it's not for me to do so. People decide when it's right for them and that's the best way. I'm still so new to this and still have accidents and learning new things every day.

Are you Vegan? If so, how long? Are you thinking about making the change? Leave a comment and let me know!


New Year, New Skin Routine

My skincare routine has never been one to brag about. I am not a notorious cleanser, nor do I regularly treat myself to a face mask. I mean, I buy them? But I've not accumulated at least a dozen masks in the process. Due to my lack of care for my skin, as well as the inevitable ageing process; I have found my skin is starting to suffer. Black bags, dark circles, oily t-zone, dry everywhere else, patchy pigmentation - just to name a few. I knew I needed to take it more seriously; and so far I have (five days into the new year). So, I thought I'd share my skincare routine with an added face mask. 

One of my many face masks I've collected over the last few months. Superdrug have a great range of good quality and affordable masks, and you can always get 2-3 applications out of one sachet. Obviously, I picked this as its ideal for oily skin (most of my face). When  doing a deep cleanse, i'll always start with a face mask, after steaming my face with a hot flannel to open the pores.

I then leave that on for 2-30 minutes, and usually get on with the housework while doing so. 

Taking it off is my favourite, as I actually hate the feeling of having a mask on my face. Again, a hot flannel that I then press against my face, and then wipe off. I'm quite vigorous with this, which I like. You can use a softer cloth if you're skin is delicate.

A new found love of mine has been the Nip+Fab Pore Blaster, aimed at teen skin. Its a 2 in 1, being both a mask and scrub. I use this more as a scrub, as it is thorough but not too harsh on the skin. The consistency is like soft sand, having loads of little micro beads within the cleanser. I apply it with my hands and buff it in using my fingertips.

Once I've fully covered my face, I get my trusty face brush. Now, this isn't for everyone! It can be quite harsh on your skin, so if you have delicate or dry skin - don't use this. I have very oily, rough skin so I rely on this to remove any dead skin. I gently polish around my face until it is all fully exfoliated, and then again I will wash it off.

Now for the cleanse. This is an everyday task and is super quick! I've recently been using my sample of the Glam Glow Super Cleanse. This is amazing, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and revitalised every time. It has an earthy scent to it, using three different charcoals and eucalyptus leaf, making it cooling on the skin. The cleanser goes on as a cream, and develops into a foam, spreading evenly and getting into every nook and cranny!
I may even go as far as saying i'll buy a full tube of this. It clarifies and helps remove pore-clogging debris, excess oil, and face makeup, while leaving skin feeling soothed and refreshed. 

And that's it. Back to my (not so cool or attractive) self. I am becoming so much more conscious of the state of my skin, I know how important it is to maintain it - especially when an everyday cleanse takes two minutes! 

What's your go to skincare item?

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